terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

Talking about strollers

When you think on buying your stroller, you think :

Pretty, Practical, Safe

When is about an infant, an stroller is the "car" of your child, so, it needs to be the best, with US$ : 60,00 or US$ 600,00

Here are my tips : 

Dream On Me European Styled Stroller - US$ 98,75 on strollers.com (link:http://www.strollers.com/Dream-On-Me-480G-DOM1099.html) Other colors available. 

Stokke Xplory Basic Stroller - US$ 999,00 on strollers.com (link:http://www.strollers.com/Stokke-131502-SKK1341.html) Other colors available.

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